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So I've been getting back in touch with a lot of people this last week. I e-mailed my old high school yearbook teacher who recently had a baby (awww). I got to talk to rose and ross and jules and ann and hachi and jon (h?). It was really great but...

It really reminds me of how awful I was to Allison and Andi.

What do you do when you realize you were never a good peroson?

Thats a tough pill to swollow I tell you.

Thankfully everyone has been suportive on my road to anti-bithchdom. It really is more then I diserve, and speaks to how great my friends really are.

I really don't diserve anything from them, and yet here they are.

I hope one day I am as gracefuly patient as they are.

I'm really trying now.

... I don't want to hurt you anymore....

.... I don't want to hurt anymore....

... HA, selfesh to the last, even when asking for fogiveness. How do you ask someone to forgive you for being slefish? All your doing is asking more from them.

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