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04 May 2006 @ 05:04 am
Big one  
So if Gwen reads this I'm gonna call you and we need to have a talk out. I want to know whats going on, and when you say don't worry it makes me wory more...

I've been procrastinating on bills and school and everything. I'm still in OU (yeah not throwing me out!) and off acadmic probation (yeah showing up to finals this semester!).

I need e-mails from people. I feel disconected. Anna are you not talking to me?

Nick and I are so hanging out tonight. He is so great. Luvs my Nickynick.

I've fallen in love with a Harry Potter forum. Alliaon and Andi if you are reading this you should totally check it out if your anything like me and are dieing to discuse all things HP with others who share the addiction. The fourm is associated with mugglenet.com (my fave HP site) and is called chamber of secrets. The site is cosforums.com . BTW Allison love that new HP avitar... so cute!

I need to get my but in gear and get stuff posted on Deviant Art. I've been in an art kick and then not sharing it. Well thats not entirely true, I've been forcing it upon friends and whatnot. But they have me right there going "isn't it beautifull!!!" which makes critizim a little more chalanging.

I'm absolutly involved with my replay of FF7. Advent children got me there.

Current Mood: creativeArtishy
xunder_zenithxxunder_zenithx on May 3rd, 2006 10:30 pm (UTC)
Its ok really. People here are taking care of me. If you call I probably wont be home. I havent been there for more the 20 minutes since Sunday. Ill try to talk to you and message you to tell you when Ill be home to talk. But it could be a few days. I shoudl be home before or around june 15. I luv you much and I know you are worried. But I promise I am alright. Ill update you soon. And here is my cell # with all the usefull numbers. 01134646863988 I always have it. Any one else feeling stalkery crazy with the numbr have fun trying to mess with it it will cost your right leg. Lata