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Distance can really take a toll on love. Both in friendship and in romance. I wonder why that is? Out of sight out of mind? Or maybe when you don't have the person right in front of you it's easier to lose track of how you feel or felt for them? Easier to say things you would never say to their face, not just out of fear, but because, where you facing them, you wouldn't feel that way at all anyway.

I don't know, but I feel like no one is close to me anymore, which is silly because I have great friends and family who love me. Still... There is this emptyness that has reared out of me, creating this void that is currently killing me on the inside.

The gym is still going well, the weight still coming off, Verry Slowly, but its working. The cool thing is that I actualy like the gym, which makes me think that I might be able to keep the lbs falling off.

I need to through another big party. We had so much fun at the last one. I need to tone down the cash spent though. Maybe jsut burgers and chips next time.

I'm so Happy for Allison getting to go to New Zealand! I remember how excited I was when I went to France, and that was only for a week and a half. She gets a whole semester. She is gunna have so much fun! She totally diserves it though, she has been doing so well in school. YEY Allison!

I need someone who is as big a HP dork as me to discuse the deep meaning in the books. I'm in my re-read of Half Blood Prince and have totally been dying to share stuff with someone.

Other then that all is well. Easter was uneventful, except when poor Mary got some amazing Colleen soup/spit on her face. Yeah. Then she ordered the soup so my spit is good advertising I suppose...

School almost over. Prolly gunna take summer classes (ew).


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