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I feel like Rob

Ok, sense people are going to Hedwig on Saturday, I think this means we should have BBQ at my house on Friday. Nick and I get off at 5:30 (prolly' earlier, maybe even as early as 3pm seeing as I need to get ready and he only needs 6 more hours) then all come over and drink and eat and have fun.

That's right All

So no one gets to say, "man I wan't invited!".

Come, eat, drink.

If anyone has a problem drinking and then getting home, Randy will be out of town so we can just pump up the air mattress and call it a slumber party.

I will have: Hot Dogs, Steak (limited quantity), Hamburger, chicken, shikabobs, and assorted veggies.

Beverages: Some type of summery crystal lite in an icy pitcher, several types of alcohol, and pop (of both diet and regular persuasion).

As well as: Tv (and the marvel that is basic cable), computer (with remarkable 56k capabilities), several THOUSAND RPG books, PS2, SNES, Beds, and un-dieing love for all who attend.

As for Sean who will be stuck at ABC Whorehouse, we promise we will save food, alcohol, and much merriment, for him as he will be arriving late. :)

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