Celestrin (celestrin) wrote,

I shall elaborate upon my pro Gabby post a bit. She is by far the cutest girl I've ever seen. One of the only (besides possibly Diana) that I would seriously love to jump on. Gabby came into work today with Jenny (also very sweet and cute) and they hung out for lik 4 hours and even went to lunch with me. Gabby was trying to come up with ways to make $300 in 2 days, and prostitution was the best any of us could think of.I offered her $100 for sex (I'dve done it, damn she's hot)and she called Steve but he said no so... I got no Gabby ass and she still needs money. Ah well. I'm still going to party with her tonight, maybe she will get drunk enough to make out with me, sense she seemed down for the dikeout.

Wish me luck.

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