September 20th, 2006



YEYEYEYEYEY! I got my student loan check!!!

The only thing that sucks is that it comes endorsed to both me and OU. Then there is a series of what I like to call "rigamaroll" in which I have to wait another couple days for OU to verify it, then call me, then cut me a new check minuse tuition costs, which I take it to the bank, the bank validates it, which takes another couple days, before it is actualy in my account.

So even though I had the check in my hand, I wont have the money for another week and a half at least... But oh well! ITS HERE! Thats all that matters. Now I need to call and put it in forbarence. YEy... wait... thats not exciting at all...

Sean hasn't answered his phone or called me back the 2 times I've tried to check on him. I hope all is well...

I'm glad for Diana, meeting people and finding her way around. Hang in there chicka!

I'm supper tired, but not nearly as much so as Nick who has been working back to back 12 hour shifts since monday. He hasn't had a day off since last Tuesday. He's worked open to close every day since Saterday. Thankfuly we have worked together, so he got to duck out an hour early last night. I think he should leave early tonight as well because he is starting to look sickly tired.

I've had long days as well. School and work every day except firday and saterday, which I still have school (just not both). No real days off. Saterday I will be ducking out of class early and going with Randy's work to the Renisance Festivel. That will be great fun.