August 19th, 2006


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So, really crapy last few days. My cousin Kris (feme) was married a year or so ago, and her husband died on wedneday. Very sad seeing as they are so young. She is only 35, he 41. Can't believe it. They've been through so much together, and its really not fair that he was taken away from her like that.

I don' t know what I would do if I lost Randy.

The fact that the most recent pictures that they had of him for the funeral where all wedding photos.


Anyway I feel like crap today, partly I'm sure due to sheer sleep deprivation, and also partly from the crying jags I've been prone to since Kip's death. Funerals are very emotionaly draining.

I'm VERY upset with my boss, Will, who decided that my priorities where messed up because I took the whole day off for the Funeral so that I could go to the Wake afterwords. He told Nick (the assistant manager and a good friend of mine) that when his Grandfather died the came into work, and that my priorities were messed up because I wasn't coming in.

I guess then I must have messed up priorites because when Krissy came over and cried at me durring the showing on Thursday, I decided I wanted to be with her Friday. It is a freaking FUERAL. How can that not take priority over a standard day at work?

Anyway, I had fun stuff to update on with Star Wars but I can't get myself in a happy place right now at work with Will.