August 12th, 2006


Alcohol World Tour!!!

So apparently when very dunk and at a bar that is celebrating 80's night, my dansing resembels that of Elaine's (Sinfeld). Amazing. I didn't do the thumb thing though so Gwen didn't have to pull me off the floor. I knew that it was cheesey (it was 80's night! Cheesey was the goal!) but I didn't know it was that cheesey!

Before all that though was MIAKO's. Thanks to everyone who came. Having you all there was the best gift I could get! The food was amazing.

Last night was Shark's Club and a big celebration not centered on me (yey!). I drank amereto and sprite and it was amazing. Gwen discovered the joys of a Kamakazi (Randy's drink). And Randy enjoyed getting to be sloshed in public for the first time since December! We all had a great time! We played pool which both Gwen and I are better at once intoxicated.

Tonight is OverTyme(sp) Bar night with my family. Nick and Sean and Diana should come. And Mary if she is still in town (miss you!).

Can't wait to get out of work. So far I've gotten Will to agree to let me go at 5, but maybe I can talk him into 4-4:30 before that time arives. It has been VERY slow and I'm still really tore up from last night! If I survive this week then I think I may be able to survive anything alcohal related!

Alright I'm tired like whoa and need to get my but out of this computer chair and up to the front.

See you tonight!