August 10th, 2006


(no subject)

Alright, last night was amazing. We ended up going to JD's Key club in Pontiac (a piano bar) and it was FUN. They had dueling pianos $1 beer and open mic. That is an amazing combination! I slamed 3 long islands and a yagerbomb in about 1/2 hour and then just laughed and sang and had a great time.

Tonight is Miako's. Everybody has to BE THERE BEFORE 9:15! The crazy asian lady in the backgrond when I made the reservations was pised we were even coming in that late (they close at 9:30). So I have no doubt they would lock us out if we were late.

Thanks guys for everything. BTW! LOVES!

Then its Lunalikewhoa. I can't freaking WAIT to dance my but off and drink like whoa!

21 is amazing!