July 19th, 2006


(no subject)

Fun last few days. Went to Royal oak and D-town. I highly recomend the "Strangers with Candy" movie as it was HILARIOUS. Star Wars on Sunday was fun, though it is looking as though next sunday is falling apart like whoa. I can't wait to go home to my Randykins. I'm thirsty and want ice cream/ some chocolate of some type.

Miraluka a amazing and I love them. Even though they keep calling me "the blind chick". They see through the force people! I think that makes their vision more true. So :P

Anyway, gotta do something fun at some point this weekend. Prolly not though as Randy has signed us up for babysiting his nephew. BLAH.

Work is slow. I WANT MY LAPTOP.

There is a laptop at work that is discontinued and the managers keep yelling at us to get rid of discontinued stuff. So I offred to take the laptop at 1/2 cost. On most items that would be fair. However on laptop aparently thats not cool. So instead of me paying $271 for it, they want me to spend $671. NOT GUNNA HAPPEN. Our manager says he will try to get it cheaper for me but I want it now.

Anyway, I've sliped into whining.