July 15th, 2006


(no subject)

Wow, update.

School is good, work is ok, Randy's parents are ok as well. My feet are killing me and I'm very tired. I have horible cramps and my kidneys/andor lowerback is assasinating me. I really want to go home but I can't. I hope someone will work on saturdays, its killing me to work EVERY saturday ever. I would so much rather work sunday. Then I can be with my NickSean, and have one free day with my Randypants.

I'm going to take such a freaking long lunch break to make up for the one Will is taking right now it is going to be ridiculus like whoa. Plus he will prolly find a reason to leave to do something for an hour latter like he always does. I want a foot massage and some olga's soup. Mayhaps I'll call randy and make him come get me for lunch.