June 20th, 2006


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Should update.

Went to Royal Oak with Dian, Nick, Sean, Tony and Rob Friday as a pre-celebration of D-yey's 2-1. We saw a midnight showing of Pulp Fiction which I have never seen before and enjoyed. Top 10 movie fo shizel. Say what again mutha fuka.

All Sam Jackson movies are amazing when you ad "mutha fuka" to the end of his lines. Try it in Star Wars and The Incredible's, "Where is my super suit mutha fuka?".


Can't wait for "Snakes on a Plane".

Anyway, we scrambled and put together a b-day extravaganza for Diana in the pre-show. I love birthdays.

After the movie (4am) I went to the doctor because I had chills, my eyes hurt, and my head was burning up. I have a sinus infection and the pills they gave me are HUGE. Saturday (once I got home from the dr and passed out for a few hours) was Scott's (Randy's Brother) Birthday bash so unfortunately I missed Diana's (her's didn't go as planed which makes me sad :( ) but had a decent enough time anyway. LOT's of Yager.

Sunday was D&D and Nick and Sean haven't been the same sense. Smile guys!

Monday was a joy because I worked with Sean (a rare occurrence). Then we ate Aplebee's with Diana and Tony which was amazing, except for the AWFUL service and my Strawberry (singular).

I almost died.

Then I dropped Sean at Nicks and worked on FFT because I had to start over.

Now I'm stuck here at work alone because Will called in and Maria wont show up, like she didn't show up yesterday. I can't wait till she is fired. If she comes in and askes to leave early I might actually implode. But I don't think that will be an issue because odds of her coming in are slim it none.

Signed up for clases. Yey.