June 12th, 2006


(no subject)

Sorry to the Dream team for missing the party. I'm pooped and my thoat is threatening to kill me.

I had a great time haning with nick and sean post d&d Sunday. I feel horible about Mary being left out. I'm so sorry we were slow. Now it looks like I'm gunna miss her altogether.

Sucks, but then again its an excuses to go to mount pleasent.
You all need to bring Colleen with you next time.

Other then that, I finaly got my FF Tactics guide done, one of the few benifits to coming into work. I sold 2 karioki machines with $9.95 warenties (thats like $2.99 in my pocket for each) but not much else. Only 28 more min before I get to go home. I love home.

I was reminded of why I love not living with my parents. I went to visit on Sat for my cousins grad party and my dad yelled at me for saying "fuck". Then like, 3 sentences later he said "what a fucking ass".

What a fucking ass.