June 11th, 2006


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Lagging on my updating...

Anywho, all is well in Colleen land. Can't wait for the two big upcoming parties. I've heard so much about Ellisa, and I am really looking forward to meeting her. I miss Mary as well. Yey for a dream team!

Plussss Diana will be the big 2-1! Yey for the leagal consumption of alcohol!!
We still need to have sgetti night with anthonys breadsticks!

Lets see...

Friday Sean and I attempted to fix his car. WOW. First we fixed the flat tire. Then when we tried to get it to a shop and find out why it was overheating, we realized that his rear driver-side tire wasn't spining. I called my brother (who is amazing) and he told me where to WD40 it, so we got that taken care of. When we finaly go it to the shop we found out it was a head gasgest. $600-$900 and we still wouldn't know if the engine was cracked. Man. Fuck. Wow.

So we got it back home and now will be on the quest to get Sean a new (used) car. Fun times.

Later we grabed Nick and our new friend Lyn (said Lin) to have dinner/latelunch at Bennagins with the wonderful and talented Dianna. My food was icky, but good times were had, and it was comped because Diana is pretty much the greatest. We then sat around and hung out and bashed my 56k.

Saterday was amazing. I went to my cusin's open house. I'm so happy for him. He had a really hard time in HS and I'm so proud he stuck it out.

After, Randy and I decided we were in the mood for sushi, so I sugested we try this sushi place near OU that I had been wanting to go to called LeSushi.


We got there...

And it is deffinalty LeShish.

Like, shiscabob. Not sushi. XD

I suck, and can't read.

So we went to Maccaroni Grill instead and it was AMAZING. We did the "create your own pasta" and mine was great. LOVE IT. They had amazing bread and olive oil.

Then when we got home we were too stuffed for bed so we took a walk. It was really great to just walk and talk with him. I love him so much. We found a nice hill and stared at the stars for a while, then went in for the night.

This morning I thought we were supposed to meet my family for breakfast, so Randy and I got up early.

Nope, its next week.


I suck!

Anyway, we went to breakfast together at a great place called "Fat Tony's". SOOO much food. We are going to have to make a group trip there. It was great.

Now I'm here and am planing on printing an FFT strategy guide.

I have to go get laundry.