May 31st, 2006


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So I feel amazingly normal again being at work today. It hasn't even been an hour yet and I'm ready to go home, so I think things are right with the world. I have a bit of a sinus headache, but that always hapens at the begining of AC season. I got most of the laundry done and did a great 4 hour game of 50 round Mario Party with Erik (Randy's nephew). We had a BLAST. I had never played before and I almost beat him!

I miss Gwen. Are you home yet? Get that way.

Anywhosit other then that nothing much. I locked myself out of the apartment this afternoon on my way to work and Lisa showed up like a beakon of all things amazing and gave me a ride to the office to get a copy. Yey for Lisa. I was really sad to hear she didn't have a good time at the BBQ, I know hosting sorta sucks.

Still on the penisilan. Still a little weak. Its amazing how that infection can take it out of you. Other then that back to normality.

I think I've finaly come to terms with stuff in my life. I'm really happy, even if I can't honestly say I wouldn't do things differently. I would. But then does anyone ever really mean it when they say they wouldn't? Probably. Oh well. Great friends, great boyfriend, good times. Who could ask right?
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