April 17th, 2006


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I hope the flowers I sent were recived. FTD should have a conformation thingy.

I hope:

To have more female friends
To have more parties like that BBQ (sans what hapened in the bathroom, that was one time only)
To pass this semester (unless I do something stupid this is in the bag)
To lose more weight
To start planing a wedding by the end of this summer (even if the actual wedding is more then a year away from that)
To have female friends who will want to be in my wedding
To stop being as self concious
To have the courage to reach out to friends who are hurt

I want:
Some dinner
Them to stop planing on leaving
Him to come hang out
and to stop hideiing behinde her as an excuse
Forgiveness from them, though I can't ask for it
To sit down a draw
To find a good CG tutorail
The motivation to make the hopes happen
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