April 12th, 2006


(no subject)

I had this massive Harry Potter epiphany the other day. I'm totally mailing JKR, I figured the series out HA!

I'm really tired and sore but now 3 lbs lighter so I can't complain too too much (though I will).

I'm really worried about my Sawn Shalie. He is so sad and wonderful. He makes me want to fix him.

My Randy is leaving me tomorrow for UP North. I'm gonna be so lonely without him. Hopefully Nick and Sean and Rob and Vanessa and Lisa and Her Sean and my Mary will come over on Friday and Saturday so as to drink and barbecue and whatnot. (consider that an invite everyone)

Maybe my Anna will be in town and visit too. I miss my Anna.

SOMEone *gwen* needs to E-MaiL mE *GwEn* so ThAT I CaN TAlK to HeR *GWEN*.

I owe Nick dinner tonight for his general awesomeness. He helped me get something heavy off a high shelf, and sell a vacuum I later got a protection plan on. I wish we could go eat together but its just us in tonight and for some reason they have a problem with us leaving the department un-maned (go figure).

The wonderful and beautiful Rose e-mailed me and it was like a little bit of delight to hear from her again.