Celestrin (celestrin) wrote,

"No, its not contagious, but I wouldn't go near him if I were you"

So yeah, been spending energy worrying about Sean. Menengitus FREAKS ME OUT. I almost died from bacterial that became spinal, and my friend Megan died from Viral that went undiagnosed. Acctualy they diagnosed her with mono, so I supose she was rather misdiagnosed then undiagnosed. Then she got worse, put in the hospital, and just... died. People our age aren't supposed to die. It's wrong. So yeah I ended up panicing on Robin cause she was the first person that I got ahold of before I could find Sean. Then I went to the doctor ASAP becase I was told to stay away from menengitus due to a sensitivity I picked up from nearly dieing from it. I then called Robin back and confused her by telling her symptoms, and that I was ok, and then her answering machine cut out before I could tell her I still hadn't found Sean. I wanted to talk to her today but she was a Meijer when I went to Nicks...

So other then that all is well. I called my doctors office today and they told me viral menegitus wasn't contagious, but then the nurse added "but if I were you I wouldn't go near him". So I'm gunna stay away from him at least a week. She sort of said while he was on drugs, but I'm gunna see whats up with him after a week and go from there. I thought about sanitizing my house but he hasn't been there in a while so I wont start boiling things. Can you tell I'm neruotic about disease.

I'magunna make him a cardy card since I won't be able to see him for like, a week at least. I hope he doesn't try to overdo. When your sick like that, your body needs the rest, no matter how restless it makes your mind. You have a CPU and a TV so just enjoy a week off. I know nothing is enjoyable wilst sick, but take the time anyway. In a way I'm kinda glad that nurse told me not to be 'round him because it will keep him at home to recover and not here making himself more sick. Mayhaps I'll make him a CD to help pass the time. And just think, you have breath of fire now! Yey for stuff to do.


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