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On love, life and sleep deprevation.

So I'm in school for 18 credit hours this semester.
And at work for 30ish.
And maintaining a relationship with my boyfriend.
And an apartment.
And currently my sanity, though I'm sure that's hanging on by a thread.

Alright, as the title eludes, this will be my first deep journal entry in a while.

First love:
Well I know it gets old to hear, but I do still have the greatest man in the world. He loves me and holds me and cares about my opinions. We just signed the lease together again, which means we have now lived together for 2 years. I've never been as happy in my life as I am when he says he loves me.

When I turned 18, I inherited my Grandmothers wedding ring. I've worn it everyday since, on my ring finger (wedding ring finger) because that is the only one it fit on. However about a week ago, the prongs got lose and the head cracked. I decided to store it rather then risk losing the diamond. My mother offered to fix it and get it back to me, but I've decided that the next diamond I ware will be from Randy. Hopefully withing the next year. At least that's the plan for now.

On life:
Work and school. Lather, rinse, repeat. I will really miss Diana when she goes. Spending time with her these last few months make me feel like I really missed out not hanging around her in high school. I really hope tonight turns out well. And that she has a safe trip and a fun time.

I got approved for my student loans (ON MY OWN YEY!~). I should be getting the money in the next 2-3 weeks. I can't wait. I need to pay bills and buy clothes and get stuff looked at on my car.

School is very busy this semester. I have at least 1 class EVERY day except Sunday. It is making for a bit of a tough time. Though it is only the second week so I shouldn't really complain. However here I am. Still no end in sight.

On sleep deprivation:
So with so many hours of work and school I have given myself very little time for sleep. Tonight will be tough because I was up at 4am to get a paper done before class. I was in my first class at 8, my second at 10, and in the library doing work until 1:30. I then headed straight to work. I'm here from 2-9. Then we are going out to Luna (prolly till 2am). LONGDAY.

Anyway, all is well. Hope it is with you too.

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