Celestrin (celestrin) wrote,

Alright, last night was amazing. We ended up going to JD's Key club in Pontiac (a piano bar) and it was FUN. They had dueling pianos $1 beer and open mic. That is an amazing combination! I slamed 3 long islands and a yagerbomb in about 1/2 hour and then just laughed and sang and had a great time.

Tonight is Miako's. Everybody has to BE THERE BEFORE 9:15! The crazy asian lady in the backgrond when I made the reservations was pised we were even coming in that late (they close at 9:30). So I have no doubt they would lock us out if we were late.

Thanks guys for everything. BTW! LOVES!

Then its Lunalikewhoa. I can't freaking WAIT to dance my but off and drink like whoa!

21 is amazing!

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