Celestrin (celestrin) wrote,

I hate school.

yep. Midterm review is the day of my 21.

Speaking of which here my ideal (though it might be a touch decedent, but I am so it's ok and I won't be crushed if it doesn't work out):

Wednesday night at midnight (my b-day is the 10th which is thursday) I would like to get a drink somewhere. Idealy at a bar (not dance, but maybe kerioki(sp), like the one on elizabeth lake rd).

Then on my b-day I get out of class around 8:30. And everyone should come to MIAKO's.

Honestly guys, the best present that you could give me is to come to Miako's for my birthday (and for those 21 and up, out somewhere after that). I don't want you to feel obligated to pay for that big meal [I]and[/I] a presant. Just come and help me celebrate.

After I would love to go to a club and dance and drink like whoa. Hopefully Nick and Diana will come at least~

After that I think Saterday I want to go out with Randy, Matt, Amy, Lance, Karen and all of my other friend/family/hybrid people. Maybe we will have the BBQ at Scott's that day. I would LOVE that since his wife is out of town.

I will prolly need Sunday to dry out and play Star Wars.


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