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I had a great holiday weekend and am sad its going to be over for me tomarow.

Alrighty recap. x-men was friday and I had a really good time. Matt (my brother) Amy (his wife) Eric (Randy's friend from work) Scott (Randy's Brother) and I went to dinner before hand and it was great. Then we met up with EVERYONE EVER at the theatre for the show. I really liked it, EXCEPT for the girl who played Kitty. That was AWFUL . That girl should be shot.

Then we went to Birch Run and I got some new close. We stayed at a cheap motel and had a great time. Sunday we walked around Frankenmuth. It was beautiful and everything was in full swing because there was a big festival going on (Diana, you must have gone at a bad time because everything was running).

We walked around and laughed and had a fabulous dinner at Zunders (sp). We then went back to our cheap motel and stayed again.

We left around noon and had a nice drive home. No tracfic and a fun good time talking and laughing. We went to family BBQ and stayed late (sorry sean and lisa!). I had today off so I cleaned and did laundry and am ready to get back to real life.

Yey for a vacation.

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