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Very Sick

Colleen has strep throught. She is in unbelieveable pain.

My throught hurts so bad that I can't breath without pain. I've missed two days of work because I've been completley non functional. I can't talk, I can't think. I couldn't sleep for two nights. I finaly broke down at 4 this morning and went to the hospital. They told me it would take 5 min to do a strep test, then 20 minutes later came back, so I knew it had to be positive. I should stop being contagious tomarow after I take my 4th antibiotic pill. Hopefuly I'll be in work tomarow, but if I'm in as much pain then as I am right now I don't know if it will be possible.

I'm glad I happen to have some tylonol 4 laying around so that I can take some of the edge off the pain. I can't believe that after all the advances in medicine they cant give you anything to cut the pain of strep thought except for cloroceptic spray/losenges.

I feel so bad about missing work, especialy right before I take a vacation. But I would be completley useless if I were there as I can't really talk.

On a more positive note Happy Birthday to Gwen who turns the big two-one today (or yesterday if you go on Spanish time~!).

Seans birthday was a lot of fun. I'm glad he had a good time. He really diserves a good birthday.

Alright, I need to go. I feel more whining coming on. And you have been subjected to enough.

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