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Yey for a Sean B-day!

I'm so excited. I got him balloons for at workness pleasure and Randy Nick and I got him a cardy card. We're going to Miakos tonight as his preasent from Randy and I (weeee!). I can't freaking wait!

So yeah, working with Nick and Sean at the same time is a joy. We should do this AALLL the time.

We need to figure where we are going for luchers and whatnot. Otre then that, nota much going on. We watched Randy's nephew Joseph this weekend, so I got the desire for children out of my system for the next 6 months at least. And hung out and gamed with Nick Josh and Sean for the first time in WEEKs which was great. I love Celestrin though she has NO personality yet. I'll get there though. Right now all I've managed was to make her a bitch (whith 8 chrisma, its a posiblility).

Can't wait for tonight! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEAN!

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