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I shall elaborate upon my pro Gabby post a bit. She is by far the cutest girl I've ever seen. One of the only (besides possibly Diana) that I would seriously love to jump on. Gabby came into work today with Jenny (also very sweet and cute) and they hung out for lik 4 hours and even went to lunch with me. Gabby was trying to come up with ways to make $300 in 2 days, and prostitution was the best any of us could think of.I offered her $100 for sex (I'dve done it, damn she's hot)and she called Steve but he said no so... I got no Gabby ass and she still needs money. Ah well. I'm still going to party with her tonight, maybe she will get drunk enough to make out with me, sense she seemed down for the dikeout.

Wish me luck.

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writing center will call me... keep aplication on file... liked me but not enough open spaces... BAHGH.



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The things that you insist you are over the most are the ones that bother you the most.

If I were over it, I wouldn't care. Or insist. It would just be done.

If I were over it I would stop finding them online and reading how they are.

If I were over it I would stop hating myself.

If I were over them this post wouldn't be hapening.

If I were over them I would be as terrible as I really am.

But I'm not. I never will be. And I can't do anything about it.

I'm going to go back to pretending to be over it now.

What do you say when your over it?

Nothing, and thats how I know I'm not.

yep, still here.

And so, yeah I still exist.

As a sort of backward recap, these last months have sucked. My boyfriend Randy's mother died. She had been battling leukemia for the last 3 years. I loved her dearly and her loss had been hard on everyone.

I've been playing FF12, when I have the spare time.

Work has been tough but the money has been better so that helps.

I love my friends who have helped me through the hell I've been living in.

School is almost over, what will I do with my life?

I now know I can:
Cook an entire thanksgiving dinner
Work a 14hr shift
Sleep for 13hrs after 2 shot of NyQuil
stop while driving my car (yea for new breaks)
drink for horses (yea for Mary's birthday)
dance in a hip hop fashion show after party (thank to the aforementioned birthday)
Cry and laugh about death and life while basting a turkey
be yelled at and not fall apart

I love you guys. Thanks for making me OK.
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I hate Will. He has been gone "out to [his] car" for the last freaking 45min. That is after the hour lunch he took. I'm leaving as soon as he gets back in cause I'm sick of all this crap.

Credit cards are terrible, and I'm gunna have to start living to my current funds. I've dug myself out of my last hole, and have now vowed to never do it again. I'm moving the card to the back of my wallet and it is for absolute, traped in the D, gunna be raped emergencies.

I have no money. Stuff sucks.

Anyway... Whateve.